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How do I stretch the fabric on a Chain Link Fence?

Fence fabric should be stretched from the terminal post already attached to the terminal post at the other end of the line – or – at stretches less than two hundred feet.


  1. With the fabric terminated at the terminal post, install a tension bar approximately five feet from the end of the unattached fabric. 
  2. buildingachainlinkfence-14.jpgWhile still lying on the ground, attach a chain link wire rake to the tension bar as shown in the illustration. 
  3. Place the hook at the end of the cable jack onto center of the wire rake.  Discharge the cable so that the cable hook is wrapped around the middle (height) of the terminal post.  You may use one of the tension bands to hold the cable in place. 

  4. Gently crank the cable jack so that you begin to place tension on the wire.  As you continue to crank the jack, stand the fabric up against the post.  Pull the bottom of the fabric out away from the post approximately 6” to assure that it will not fall over.  Note:  Windy days and taller fabric may require temp ties or the fabric may need to be further pulled out away from the fence line.
  5. Once the fabric is all stood-up and the cable jack is taut, but not too tight.  Pull the fabric from the far end of the fence line away from the cable jack by lifting it, shaking it and pulling it toward the cable jack.  Repeat this every ten feet. 
  6. Keep tension on the cable jack while lifting and pulling the fabric by slowly cranking.
  7. Repeat this process as necessary to properly tension the fabric.  Proper tension is achieved when you are just barely able to squeeze the fabric together a ¼” with one hand. buildingachainlinkfence-15.jpg
  8. buildingachainlinkfence-17.jpgNOTE:  Any deformities, irregular swoops in the fabric will remain once the fabric is stretched.  To avoid this, be sure that the fabric is at the desired height before and during stretching.  It is almost impossible to remove these while fully stretched.  
  9. Once fully stretched, tie the fabric for height every ten feet to assure that it does not create a wave and fall over.  Tie the fabric so that a half knuckle remains above the top rail.
  10. While still under tension of the cable jack.  At the unattached end, pull the fabric firmly past the terminal post to determine were to remove a wire weave to tie the fabric into the terminal.  Remove the weave.  Tie the fabric for height 6” from the end.  Pull the fabric in line with the tension bands and slide the tension bar through the evenly spaced tension bands and fabric simultaneously. 
  11. Once tied in, slowly release the tension on the cable jack.  Remove the tension bar used to hold the cable jack. 
  12. Note: On short 10’ or less stretches or to assist in tying-in a longer stretch, use a Pul-jak.






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